The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Expo (STEM EXPO) is a two-day science, technology, and innovations exposition organized by the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs (PSYSC), aiming to introduce, provide, and highlight scientific solutions to problems of society and the community. The event is open to the general public.

The event features an ideas generation hackathon, an innovations project competition, a science investigatory projects fair, a robotics competition, a science journalism workshop and competition, an amateur science film festival, public science lectures and talks on science, technology, design, and culture, and a public community exhibition of partners in the science, technology, research, and development industry in the country.

Embracing Our Ingenuity, Engineering the Filipino Society

As the 21st century continues to unfold and strengthen its drive to revolutionize the lives of people around the world, the waves of ideas and innovations in science and technology had never been this intensified in making its presence and significance felt in our everyday lives.

This year, we continue to bolster that noble intention—and push even further the frontiers of science and technology in the Philippines, for us and every Filipino out there: within this nation and out there in the world. We dare move the spotlight directly towards us!—highlighting our innate Filipino ingenuity: to further refine our raw creativity and to better capitalize on our endearing resourcefulness. This year, tayo ang bibida! Ang sabing “Tatak Pinoy!” ay itatatak natin sa ating lahat at sa bawat isa—sa ngalan ng siyensya at teknolohiya!

In the Philippines, a 100-million strong population of Filipinos has embraced the introduction of new technologies that service communication, transportation, disaster mitigation and management, among many others. The popular advent of online social media took brand advertising and product consumption to a whole new level of market competition and public consumer behavior. The introduction of ride-hailing mobile applications to commuters nationwide disrupted the age-old public transportation systems in place in major cities of the country. The integration of crowdsourced data and citizen-driven information during calamities has transformed the way the government sees and plans to mitigate disasters and manage rehabilitation of affected areas.

In 2018, PSYSC’s STEM EXPO was launched to become a landmark national event for the Filipino youth to link its science-driven ideas and innovative endeavors with the ever-growing knowledge-building efforts of the country’s academe towards science research and development, eliciting the mandated support of the government and its allied departments and agencies, enlisting the interests and investment of the thriving private sector, hand-in-hand with the experience of civil society organizations in community organizing and education: altogether to produce and provide scientific discussions and innovative solutions to problems long-faced by our society and our communities, by each and every one of us Filipinos.


  1. To introduce, create, and develop a wide public awareness and understanding of the role and importance of Science, Technology, and Innovation in nation-building and in society;
  2. To provide, engineer, and assist in the development of scientific ideas and innovative solutions to issues and problems faced by the country and community in the 21st century;
  3. To gather, engage, and collaborate with the bigger Filipino scientific community and technological industry, in support of its growth, development, and further contribution to national progress and global society.


General Delegation (for elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools)

    • PHP 250.00 per delegate (includes bag, pen, pencil, handbook, certificate)

General Admission: Day 1 (open to the general public)

    • PHP 120.00 per person

General Admission: Day 2 (open to the general public)

    • PHP 120.00 per person