igen: ideathon

The iGen: Ideas Generation Hackathon (iGen: Ideathon) is a major sub-event of PSYSC’s STEM EXPO, organized and held simultaneously with the science, technology, and innovations exposition, aimed to encourage brainstorming, creative problem-solving, and drive innovation in building technological solutions to address specific problems in society among participants, as well as to provide them with opportunities to network, collaborate, and productize their ideas with like-minded people within a defined time frame.

The sub-event is a physical hackathon dedicated to one (1) central theme, relating possible innovative technological ways to address prominent issues such as public education, food production and consumption, health and well-being, transportation and mobility, and basic social services, for the building of at least a working prototype in the form of a website, a software application, an entrepreneurial project concept, or a socio-civic program proposal.

This year, the central theme is Modern-Day Farming.


  1. To encourage among the participants creative problem-solving and drive innovative technological solutions in the process of addressing prominent issues in society;
  2. To provide participants an avenue to network, collaborate, and productize ideas with like-minded people who are working on initiatives related to Modern-day Farming.


Competition Participation (open to ALL and especially to undergraduate students)

    • PHP 3,500.00 per team, maximum of 5 team members per team (includes bag, pen, pencil, handbook, notebook, ID, ID case, ID lace, certificate)