science film festival

The PSYSC Science Film Festival is a minor sub-event of PSYSC’s STEM EXPO, organized and held simultaneously with the science, technology, and innovations exposition, aimed at expressing the creativity and critical awareness of young Filipino students in science development and technological advancement in the Philippines through film-making.

The sub-event is a nationwide amateur film-making competition and film festival focused on promoting the public understanding of science, technology, and the environment, exclusively open to Filipino senior high school students, held to encourage and engage the Filipino youth and the general public to become active participants in the promotion and development of science and technology in the country.


  1. To develop, hone, and practice skills in amateur film-making and promotion among Filipino senior high school students;
  2. To promote and encourage creative film-making as means to further raise critical awareness among participants and the general public in understanding and promoting developments in science and technology in the country.


Competition Participation (open to senior high school students only)

    • PHP 1,750.00 per team, maximum of 5 team members per team (includes bag, pen, pencil, handbook, notebook, ID, ID case, ID lace, certificate)